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λore is a 3D multiplayer online role-playing game (a.k.a. MMORPG). But it is more than that. It a fantasy World. Two races live in this World, Eoa and Vesoa. First of them, Eoa is living in the World for ages. Eoans are very civilized and have rich culture and knowledge. They use higher magic and ther main sources of magical energy are Moon, Earth and Sun (in this order). The other, Vesoa came to the World thousand years after Eoa. They are not very civilized like Eoans and their lifestyle is more natural. They also use the power of nature (a.k.a. elemental power) for their magic. The World consists of four continents and a few islands. Two of the continents are settled by Vesoans and Eoans live on the third. The fourth continent, Arctic land is a neutral trade and diplomatic area. The World is full of stories and mysteries and players consecutively discover new informations about the World. Players can also discover new and new spells with various effects.

About λore